Month: March 2014

Man-of-the-match! — Yuvan has arrived!

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It’s probably one of the coveted trophies to have at any age if you are playing cricket! If you are from the subcontinent and/or an ardent fan of cricket you would know what it means!

Yuvan got his first, though his team lost in the U-10 APSM league cricket match against NPSI juniors on 27th feb! He slapped 3 wickets and gave away 19 runs in the 4 overs he bowled. To give a bit of a background to his bowling he has this unique talent of spinning the ball while bowling medium paced. He can bowl fast, medium, leg spin and off- spin.. A worthy mention is that his coach has told him to mix it up in every single over he bowls rather than changing his style to just stick to one bowling style !!

He loves batting and he wants to be an all rounder but his bowling is what he has been getting accolades for.. But I know one day he will arrive in the batting scene too..

It was all dramatic during the match presentation .. The umpires noted all good performances but left out Yuvan’s ( I was disappointed — I thought he deftly did have a notable performance) Then, the unexpected happened. It’s always one of the notable performers would get the MoM. I was not even having my phone in my hand .. The umpire said, ‘The MoM goes to Yuvan for his wonderful bowling!’ The coach, myself and offcourse Yuvan himself couldn’t believe it., it’s one of those cherishable moments! I recovered just
in time to click the below pic:-)

Off course, we were all happy, he enjoyed his moment with the coach and his teammates as it’s something definitely notable not only to win a MoM but from a losing side…
His teammates were jubilant 🙂

I won’t forget the eye contact he made with me after his every wicket and after his MoM! Proud of you Yuvi 🙂 Keep going and you know what it takes to be there!

It’s his passion and hope he lives his dream 🙂