Saturday rants — I confess ..

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I didn’t like myself a while ago and am trying to make amends.. I scolded Y for a few things I could have handled the other way round .. But he has been doing ‘these’ repeatedly … Like — tying the shoe lace not so properly and claiming it’s done. When he does the same every 5 mins, especially when we take train for coaching it’s even more frustrating !! I got it that he is being independent but he needs to take a little bit more time to tie it bit more properly … Another .. during dinner(almost everyday) pushing the chair back n forth ‘n’ number of times ..
These little things are driving me crazy, I confess ..( these are just examples mind you …) I also agree it’s kids stuff..

But it’s all getting to me basically very quickly because we are still trying to settle into a routine with changes happening with his cricket coaching, Hindi tutor and helper at home .. All at the same time and the last 3 months have been very challenging though we have managed to work around it ..

I know … this weekend, everything seems to be finally settling down and I hope by term 2 we should be back to routine with changes incorporated — fingers crossed …

And this weekend started with a blessing of sorts at this point with great help at home — thanks to good friend C …

I need to unwind, de-stress and learn to be h
appy !!

As I am writing this, something made me smile and also reassured me that I can make a better parent – Yuvan has taken it on a positive and lighter note, he did the below with his cricket pants and showed it to me with a huge smile 🙂 I smiled and had a happy conversation too…


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