What this blog means to ME?

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I have had a sudden increase in my blog followers and there has been a few texts; some random conversations by friends about my blog…
May be my silent readers have finally decided to tell me that they love my blog.. *wink*

Though I write mostly about Yuvan here, this blog means soo much to me.. I started this blog when I wanted to do something for myself after I had quit my job and dedicated myself to ‘Baby’ Yuvan! It has become a place where I have digitally archived his growing up–challenges, happiness, rants and all..

Yuvan – the hero of this blog is 8 now and I have been back at work developing content, but the blog still remains close to my heart and am keeping it very much alive after some really loooong breaks In-between!

But ….
This blog means much more than all of that .. I love writing and it makes me feel contented and I love writing about Yuvan.. Which is a double bonus! So two birds in one stone!

I have been conscious not to convert this into a personal diary of sorts rather keep it as an archive of Yuvanz growing up years and also a place where I share my parenting emotions.. But I know it gives me so much solace — to my ‘sometimes’ troubled soul.. For me writing is a therapy:-) and so I blog it away:-)

Yuvan — I owe it to you! Love you man!


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