It’s another upgrade time !

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After the bicycle upgrade, it’s time to part ways with his beloved red writing desk and chair which he has been using from the age of 3 yrs as well..

Recently he had been using the bedside table as a writing desk as well but we know he wasn’t comfortable in both as he had grown taller and also had complained a few times about shoulder pain!

So, it was finally time for upgrade and with the space constraint in his room, we went for a humble ikea table and chair which took probably 15 minutes to decide and buy but took almost 5 hrs for E to fix it up 🙂 He mentioned ‘I dunno why we didn’t look it up elsewhere!’

But nevertheless, the dimensions were great when we placed it in Yuvanz room and he just loved it (it was his choice actually). The chair was definitely comfortable enough and we added on a focus light too..

He was hooked on it and was up till 11 doing something on his table that we had to remind him, ‘the table is yours and it will be here tomo as well..’

Glad E’s 4 hrs sweat has brought smiles to our little man! Two well deserved upgrades!!


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