A Big lesson

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from a little boy.. It was one of those nights ..yesterday Yuvan and me had to go through talk–argument and what not regarding his behavior which started in the evening..

After some crying, soul searching, convincing and insisting we both slept together. And the whole night he hung on to me where generally he likes to have his own space or just hug a little bit here and there .. I felt contented.

Today morning, when I asked him, ‘was it all necessary yesterday?? You could have just been a good boy!’

Guess the words that came out of his mouth…?

‘That’s past and don’t talk about the past ma..’

That’s something I need to take it and practice!! It’s not that I didn’t know about it or didn’t want to practice it.. Coming from him, it has made a huge impact than my own self-realizations or hearing from others..

On that note, I am believing in Yuvan that he realized his mistakes and would change and not repeat it..


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