Honesty is the best policy

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and I am glad that Yuvan has followed it even during his first interview πŸ™‚ I should admit I admired his honesty and his answers.. Few questions and answers I managed to extract from him of the interview session .. (Not in any order and he remembered/recollected only these ..)

Q1:- Do you know anyone who is your friend and a Prefect?

Yuvan:- I know someone who is a Prefect, but she is not my friend but my friend’s sister.. (Very straight forward.. He he he) She is always there at the Parade Square guiding young children and reminding them not to run.

Q2:- Do you know what are the duties of a Prefect?
Yuvan:- Not really, but I think it’s like what my friend’s sister is doing ..

Q3:- Do you mind doing those duties ?
Yuvan:- No, I don’t mind ..

Next is the classic of all πŸ™‚

Q4:- Have you ever been late to school?

Yuvan:- Yes, in P2 I was late by few minutes may be 5 times.. P1 may be 3 times.. But this year P3 I come quite early everyday !

I really admire the child in you Yuvan!


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