First interview for Yuvan!

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It all started last Thursday with his teacher wanting to talk to me when I had made arrangements to pick him up early .. My first thoughts were, ‘hmmm… What did he do?’ The teacher came down and told me, ‘Hi! Yuvan has been nominated for Prefect.. But the consent form should be returned tomorrow.. Since you are going away, I thought I can speak to you and get the consent form signed!’ (Actually, I was impressed with her, as she made that effort !)


I was definitely happy as was Yuvan! I was happy because Yuvan has shown that quality of being in charge; without dominating others; as it is a tricky thing to establish. I am glad he has that in him to be a good leader! On a side note:- We have been telling him to be gentle, speak more positively and basically showing the right attitude at all times for the past few weeks.. So I told him, ‘Itz great you have won yourself a nomination.. But this also is the right time to correct the flaws that me and appa has been mentioning to you…’

His teacher also said not to prepare anything for the interview; but just be himself.. Again good impression as that’s what I would have wanted him to be too…

All I told Yuvan was ‘I am happy for you.. Being nominated is itself good..Just be yourself during the interview .. Enjoy and learn from the experience.. If you get selected, yes good.. If you don’t, it’s ok.. It’s not bad either!’

We still don’t know the outcome but to be very frank the expectations and thoughts about it are nil. All that matters is that he enjoyed his first interview experience and I see it as yet another opportunity for him to be reassured; self confident and yes, an opportunity to learn and correct mistakes!

Yuvan’s first reaction showed it all, ‘Yes!! Yes!!’


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