Yuvanz first poem/song —– good and bad!

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I stumbled upon the below paper when I was checking his homework file;in which he dumps every single sheet of paper he gets from school ..


My first question was ‘what song is this?’ He answered me, ‘I actually wrote it!’ I went, ‘ahhh???????’ He replied back, ‘reallyyyyy’

Me:– who is this neighbor girl ? The girl who sits next to you in class?

Yuvan:- no no! really our neighbor .. Ma, the little girl who lives two doors away..

Me:- do you think you can write like this about someone ? Is it good?

Yuvan:- she always irritates me (the fact he thinks girls play dumb games except his good girl buddies R n E, has played a part)

Me:- see, I am happy you wrote a song .. But the background attitude is what I don’t like.. Have positive vibes and attitude please .. You can’t think about her like this.. She probably just wants to play with you ..

Yuvan :- ok, I got it ma!

This whole thing made me see a creative Yuvan who could write a possible song .. I like the way he paced and phrased the same .. But I really felt bad for the little girl.. I think she has been really trying hard to be friends with Yuvan for quite some time now… But on the other side, I didn’t like the not so positive feeling from Yuvan towards this girl ..

So, I had to give my two cents on the whole episode though I burst out laughing in the washroom.

On a side note, he said he wrote this when he had 10mins break in school where the teacher said that they can either read, colour, do puzzles or whatever.. but have to be quiet! So he decided to take a piece of paper and write this song …

Mummy’s note to Yuvan
Yuvan ! It’s good you can write something like this at 8 but I would have been more happy if the situation was something better and nicer !


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