A mother and a daughter

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is the phase I know I have been living for the past 8 years but whenever my mom visits me here it’s a completely new experience altogether!

Every time she had come I had needed her moral support and this time is no different.. In the hind sight I should say thanks to my brother who is managing all alone with his two kids.. Sasha and Shadow..No! No my bro is not married yet but they are his dogs 🙂

After what I would say had been an emotional roller coaster for the past month or more, it feels good to have mom at home and I feel emotionally content.. A good 26 more days that I can use to get back to myself!!

Love you ma for what you have been to us and you are to us.. On a lighter note, I have always wondered how you have handled two gemini’s at home 🙂

We have had our serious ups and downs but you have stood my me whatever nonsense I have done!! Love you ma!! And yes Hugs to you Bro!


One thought on “A mother and a daughter

    Venkatesh said:
    January 13, 2014 at 10:03 AM

    good tribute… COuld have added a photo of ur mom.

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