A Journal

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is what I had been asking Yuvan to start writing for the last 2 years… but though we made a start twice it didn’t materialize! I know why and I didn’t push it as he was trying to get into the habit partly for me and but not whole-hearted for him. And so, we left it at it…

BUT, this year when we were out, we had this conversation;

Yuvan: ‘Do you think I can buy a journal – may be the Diary of a Wimpy kid notebook?’

Me: So, Whats’ your plan?

Yuvan: I think I want to start writing a journal now…

Me: Will you do it often? I don’t want to buy and then you would never start on it…

Yuvan: Sure ma!

Me: Ok, you can take a look at the other options at popular at the DOWK journal is expensive and it’s just for the cover…

(hoping that Yuvan would start..)

collagejournalAnd, yesterday was the day he started on it and he seems to plan to write everyday 🙂

And I am sooo happy that he is doing this for reasons that includes my wish of writing one when I was young and never materialised; he would have his very space to scribble which I feel is something great for anybody!

And I really hope he continues it not only for me but also for him as it will become an immense invaluable keepsake of memories for him too


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