It gets tough

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at times for me, I have to accept! Most of the times I appreciate what Yuvan has been and what Yuvan is… But as every child is I also have my downs with him, he does have moods, he does makes mistakes…. We have a fixing episode every other year I guess,,, It was that today and I believe he got the right message and feel today after it started off ok, went bad and turned out worse before everything was settled… And me being not in the best of my moods for various reasons didn’t help it as well… But I wanted him to know and realise his mistakes, learn from it, be good :-0

A little message for Yuvan!

I love you Yuvan.. I know you are a good boy… all I want to do make you realise the mistakes, learn from it and be the best you can be!

As you grow up, I want you to be gentle, caring, understanding, loving, a person who can rationalize his emotions, respect others feelings and what not! I want you to be real gentle man! I wish, I hope and will do my best to instill those values and bring you up on those lines and so some fixing episodes has to happen and I do it for your own good!

Since you have been good I want you to be so throughout your life! Love you and hugs Yuvan! Amma loves you and we ill be always the best of friends!



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