Independent he is.. Impressed I am….

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Yuvan is whom I am impressed with today… I have been having issues at home front with no helper. As E has been Working from home, I called Yuvan just now…

Me:- When did you wake up? Have you had breakfast?

Yuvan:- No ma…Just woke up.. brushed my teeth, now reheating my milk in the microwave…

Me:- You sure? How many seconds?

Yuvan:- 20 seconds ma!!!

(He has been learning how to re-heat rice/milk/pizza at various timings over the last one month or so… Everything happens for a reason?)

Wow… I am impressed with the way he has been handling different situations over the last one year… and touch wood with the amount of help he has been doing around the home.  I would say he being able to manage himself has been my biggest strength at this point. Love you Yuvan soo much for what you have been and what you are and what you teach me indirectly… You are my best friend, my teacher, my student and what not!

Yesterday, he was telling me that he should now learn to make Maggie, omelette and simple full boiled egg… At this point my only worry is his handling the stove … but I may still teach him to cook when I am around and then in future he can learn the stove thing… what say?


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