Do you cook

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with your kid when he or is she is either bored it very enthusiastic to try cooking?

I have come to know about it and I have tried at both times -:) He is someone who gets bored quite easily and wanting to do whatever I can kind of boy!!

Once when I was so tired; no cooking done: with the new helper just starting he started bugging me with his ‘I am super bored’ story!! Anything I would suggest didn’t work! And then I realized he loves making the lemon size balls with my chappathi flour ( motor-skills you see..) and rolling it evenly as a circle… Off I decided to recruit a little chef and he helped me or rather amused himself with playing with the chappathi flour ..

That’s also around the same time he was asking me about baking at home … Since baking is not my cup of coffee I worked it around and we bought a cupcake maker and I tried some microwave recipes with him .. Our first batch was ok but tried some store-bought icing and it was so-so..

Then I discovered these baking specialty shops and it has made my job easier with all these icing tubes which he loves using to decorate… We have kind of gone ahead one step ….


He also enjoyed a baking session with his good friend D …

We also make pizza often at home using the ready available pizza base.. Now – a – days he makes his own pizza using the pizza base .. And yes, we also made ice pops and jelly for a Diwali dinner 🙂

photo (5)Collage 3
These are such enjoyable activities and serves as a stress buster for me as cooking is a therapy for me and I love cooking !


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