The magic of turning 7!!

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17th Nov and 26th Nov 2012

That’s how I would call it from his perspective !! He feels grown up — btw this post is almost a year back dated!

It was a big number to me as feel as I felt the big transition in him in terms of growing up.. And so somehow I also thought this may be the one that I may want to have the parents as well as I foresaw the future birthdays could be ‘just kids’.. So we decided to add some magic and colour to his birthday which I know he would love !! Yes, we had a magician at home, a lady facepainting the kids; balloon sculpting and I also organized a treasure hunt game for the kids.. So I know he absolutely loved it !! And it was very special as my mom was in Singapore as well.,

And we did a scrap-book message book as well, as I did for his first birthday ..

Framed – The return gifts were pics of him with the respective kids at some point !

I was so happy too that all his friends were able to make it and I know it’s one of the birthdays he cherishes 🙂

Pics speak more than words!! Don’t they ?

7th Birthday Collage 1 MOO_4524 - Copy MOO_4583 - Copy MOO_4622 MOO_4665 MOO_4686 MOO_4839 MOO_4861 MOO_4868

My mom was here and we spent his actual birthday at the Zoo 🙂 Spent half the day – though we were struck in rain – with his good friend R and my mom!! and Yes! he got to go free on his birthday:-)

Collage 2

And he did say he loved his birthday:-)

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