Holding cards – A milestone?

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For me, Yes! As I have mentioned in a lot of my other posts before, Yuvan plays a lot of card games like scrabble dash, Uno etc..

But, until recently, always it has to be the other player i.e either me or Eash or my helper who has to help him to arrange and hold the cards in his hands. Even after we taught him soo many times, the different techniques and what not, he would try and try for many minutes and then say ‘please .., just this time…,’

Today after a long time, atleast after 2 months, I was playing Uno with him and I suddenly realized after a few games, ‘Oh Boy!! He can arrange and hold cards in his hands all by himself and as well play along with inserting and taking out without spilling all cards.’

Wohooo!! That’s definitely a milestone!!!



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