Have you felt the rush

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that the kids have grown up so fast and you miss them soo much? Do you feel sad about the fact that growing up has been so quick?

On these lines were the questions asked by my friend one day.. I can’t do anything but relate to it.. Yes, I feel the years have gone past so quickly, birthdays planned and done every year and the every year seems to appear so fast like the traffic lights on the road!!

When I was talking about this to another friend, Yuvan asked me, ‘so… you don’t like me growing up? U don’t like me to be independent?’

It’s not the fact about not enjoying their present .. I do like the way he is at this age, the way he thinks, the way he contemplates etc.., The child like behavior displayed in total contrast with his wise logical thoughts have always been a surprise ..

I like the way he has grown up into my little man, my best friend and philosopher at times! But I do miss all the years that has whizzed past in a flurry! The cute chubby going to be an year old, trying to walk but toilet trained, the two year old with non-eating phases and tantrums, the three year old with all cuteness and trying to be a big boy and the list goes onnnn..

See the difference..


He will soon be eight and then quite sooner in his teens.. Oh Boy!! This boy is growing up in a whizzz…


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