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With Yuvan’z reading appetite ever growing (off-course the food appetite never increases as much as I would like to…), a look at our permanent and temporary book shelves at various places at home 🙂

This is the permanent number 1 in Yuvan’z room


The permanent number two at our chillax cum study corner… There’s another Number 2 which is an inbuilt bookshelf in the master bedroom but am not counting as it doesn’t contain ‘his’ books actually…

photo (9)

We also have another permanent number 3 which is an aquarium table convert bedside table in his room which also houses books for him…mainly non-fiction…

Here comes our temporary book shelves which are like mushrooms; keep popping up once in a while for a week or so..

Temporary one – Master bedroom raised platform beside the mattress ..,

photo (8)

And temporary two — chillax corner carpet 🙂 We also have temporary 3’s and 4’s at times….

But is anyone wondering whether we have these collections accumulated over many years? NO!! all of them are what he is reading currently for the last two years… So, I swear, we do weed periodically, give away, store some of them in the store room which are in the in-between stage etc… So the books that he currently reads are on these ‘n’ number of shelves…

So let me record what he loves to read!

Literally anything! But prefers more non-fiction…

Fiction he has preference within – His love is Jeff Kinney which I don’t know how many times he have re-read and the Amos Lee series for boys, Geronimo, and the list goes on… He loves the magic school bus series as well. He reads for pleasure as well for his drive to know more and more:)


He loves reading magazines…He gets subscribed copies of National Geographic Kids and Discovery Box! I really hope this continues:) But I thought it’s worth recording here… Definitely something I cherish:)

But this also makes me think, somewhere somehow his Tamil reading journey must start… Yes! we did make a start and we have not progressed at all… I need to have a time frame and my next goal is to get him to read Tamil!


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