The festive season

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for Hindus generally starts with Ganesh chathurthi which is celebrated in many parts of India with colour and pomp!

We normally mark it with simple pooja at home. Since the last two years it has become special because of the involvement of Yuvan in the pooja. This year was definitely special as without me pushing it Yuvan wore the traditional outfit and remained in it for more than 2 hours which is a complete opposite of me pushing to wear it and him, changing right after the pooja!


The onus this year was attending prayers at friends places which was a welcome change. The aura and the divine feeling with a celebratory mood it created has no words to describe. Yuvan has fun with his buddies and he loved both the gatherings and he dressed up in traditional outfits for both the occasions.

Collage 2



The festivities are set to continue with more auspicious days lines up till the 2nd of November, which will be the Festival of Lights !


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