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We did a some simple renovation over the June Holidays – that also meant Yuvan got a dedicated bookshelf in his room – I did re-use the planks we had in the living room but redecorated with all his collectibles from the N number of McD happy meals and also his close to heart toys and pics -Formula One Ferrari pic taken by his Dad, Mom’s favourite team Redbull Car, the Ben 10 cycle which his Dad got him a few years ago and Ben 10 figurines, pics with his friends, his just born pics etc…

What more? we changed our chill-ax corner from the living room to the littler room inside the master bedroom which now serves as chill-ax and study corner:)

And he just loves his new look bookshelf – the voracious reader he is 🙂

After thought:- I also realized he needs an upgrade for his study table – another sign of growing up 🙂

Book Shelf

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