Feels like Coimbatore !

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There are a lot of things you would always ‘feel like’ your home town, wherever you go, whatever you do! And it’s always an instantaneous thought!

Something that makes me ‘feel CBE’ is the weather. Definitely I can’t compare the year round weather between SG and Coimbatore.. But the days like today – breezy morning with slight drizzle and a wave of chillness in the air; reminds me very much of September weather in CBE..


Looking forward for my next trip back home to enjoy super cold nights; chilly late evenings; breezy noons and that’s winterrrrr! And not to forget the ultra thick blankets; sweaters and jumpers; and the very own cbe feeling of the freezing cold weather into your ears and on to your hands when you ride! Off-course some ‘slurp’ delicacies from mom’s kitchen!

And to add on, I got stuck in the down pour without an umbrella as it happens so often in Coimbatore 🙂



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