Friday Fix!

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Friday, I know both Yuvan and myself really wanted a break and it happened to be an early term break start… I wanted to treat him too… And I had to redeem my first in life time being a contest winner voucher… Yes, I won a free pair of crocs in a mother’s day contest. So, off we went to Marina Square and first surprise of the day was when the salesperson at crocs told me that I could redeem any pair of shoes irrespective of the cost… Well, won’t I be happy? Yes, I was and took a while to choose and I loved it!!

Yuvan wanted to eat Thai food and since I was not so familiar with the Marina Square Raffles City point linking malls, we ended up at Bangkok Jam (our first time) instead of Thai Express or Lerk Thai… The food was good and we liked the place too  but they took 45 mts to serve us the food when our order was a very common Pineapple fried rice and Basil Chicken..hmmm… That was too long to wait for Yuvan, so will I go again? May be yes but not on a Friday…

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We were lost in the links for a while trying to figure out the exit to find a cab to get to ECP for a fishing night.. As we were looking for an exit, we chanced upon Cold Stone and Thai Express .. Yuvan went, ‘Ahh,,, here is Thai express…but too late.” We decided to treat ourselves to a Chocolate Devotion and I love the ice-cream times with Yuvan and it was no different…

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Finally, we reached ECP with a cabbie who was very philosophical but I did absorb a few liners he said:) The fishing place was fun and with 2 hrs of fishing we manged to catch 8 fishes. Yuvan was ecstatic when I told him that he could bring the fishes back home for his aquarium tank. But only two has survived with two days on…

I thought we would be able to catch many a fishes but it was quite a task but nevertheless Yuvan enjoyed soo much. It was double fun as a few of his school friends turned up unexpectedly after an hour. They fished and played with him too..

Collage 3

We ended the day (night) at 1.15 am with a caffeine fix for me and a choco fix for him.. It was a very relaxing evening even for me and I am very sure we both needed that….And when we came home, he enjoyed a bit more cuddly television time and I let him unwind completely, and I was in need of that too

Collage 4

Love You Yuvan!


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