Being on stage

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is something most of us like to do but how much can we pull it off depends on our very own individuality and ability.

I had my own fears about how Yuvan would be on stage. But the first hint that he is a natural stage performer came when he took the stage along with his classmates, in front of 400 over parents and teachers and performed flawless when he was in N2. I was proud but I thought he doesn’t know much about all this and so he performed.

being on stage 3

beomg on stage 4

But he continued to do it every year, and K2 graduation was a big surprise as he did one of the lead roles which he kept ranting about, but I didn’t believe that it was that meaty until on the day when we had to buy photos that we realized in most of the scenes he was in there! ( and we ended up buying photos for more than 50 dollars)

Being on stage 1

Primary one was a bit different and he enjoyed being in the speech and drama showcase being one of the few front liners. But I knew he was absolutely happy about the whole showcase and was thrilled to have me and Eash around.

being on stage 2

Primary Two, the school opted to yet again engage vendor for the speech and drama showcase within the curriculum. All through I was hearing updates from him and he came back one day and told me he has been selected for the lead role. I was quite happy and he was all excited that he decided to forgo his everyday Ice-cream for a week just before his final showcase, as he started having signs of sore throat .. He also kept telling me that I should keep that day free (as Eash was away)..

It was a day before the showcase, yet no notice for me to attend even though I learnt that they had already had a full dress rehearsal, throwing my suspicions about the showcase happening out of the window. So I finally made the call to the parent Rep only to find out that only P1 parents are invited.. It was a disappointment not only for him.. Me too 😦 But the next day he was quite happy to say that they performed in front of the whole school cohort.. I was happy n completely forgot about it until he came back with this …

I am so happy for you Yuvan, and again I wish you are the same throughout ., love you my little Man!


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