A complete unwind and new term!!

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I am a person who believes kids need to unwind to a certain extent during school holidays. But again, ‘Every child and every parent is different!’ It absolutely does a world of good for Yuvan!

This summer break was a bit different because we unwound completely starting from a 6 day get-away to Bali, braving the haze to catch After Earth, Monster University and an early start to the holidays with Iron Man!!

Not to forget the play dates, indoor play grounds, eating out, outdoor playgrounds, board games and off-course sleeping in and being awake till late in the night!! But he hasn’t yet bet his own record of waking up at 2pm which he set last year!!

A trip to river safari gave me another insight into Yuvan’s thought process to..

We have a practice of talking/reviewing about the new term and goals both personally and academically after and before every term. And this time was no different. But I got a very different response from him though. When I started the conversation, Yuvan replied, ‘Amma… I was also thinking about it.. I have has too much fun this holidays. So I should concentrate more and achieve my goals .. ‘ There he is !! This little man if mine never fails to surprise me!!

Touch wood ! And I wish you be the same Yuvan !


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