The Haze Craze

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As the whole world knows at the moment Singapore is braving the haze that has originated from the burning of palm plantation for land clearing in Indonesia, which is at the peak as we have reached hazardous levels, PSI readings touching 300’s from last night!!

Yuvan had been ok these few days and I think staying indoors with NO outdoor has finally got to him though we went to River Safari yesterday. He just is getting impatient staying indoors without even chancing up to ride his bicycle in the corridors or roller blading .. (Completely forgetting the playground..) Sigh !!

On top of it, minor renovation at home has essentially confined us to one room and a bit of living room which has means less space for remote cars, tracks etc..

He is done with painting, carrom board,TV, monopoly etc!!

I felt bad just now when he told me, ‘What can I do??’ Hmmm… Tomorrow evening or weekend should be better at home, not sure about the haze though!!

Tomorrow looks promising as we are also booked to catch the movie ‘After Earth’ and I have promised to buy some more stuffs that he can do within the four walls …

Haze .. Go away!! Rain would be more than welcome but no signs of it in the last week or so too..


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