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From Yuvan’s very young age, I should accept I have not said/read stories to him as much as I wanted to!! I still remember the days when I used to sing the rhymes as lullaby (I still remember the tune I used to..) He was an early reader and so he started reading more independently and that, kind of made me feel good about the fact or I should say over rode the fact of me not been a storyteller!

But, over the last two weeks in particular, Yuvan has been asking me to tell stories all the time and I have managed to tell quite a lot, including the tweaked versions of folk tales, original folk tales, my own versions of King stories and what not..

He has been laughing so crazily over and over about a few stories, the Crow and the Fox in particular as he is super amazed with the idea of crows using Twitter and Google. He has laughed his heads off, he retold the same to his Dad, my helper and to me too..

I am so happy that finally I have become the story-mom who was missing in me and I love the way he enjoys the stories and I am glad he likes to listen to MOM’s stories ..

Love you Yuvan for giving me this opportunity and I will always cherish these moments, as you grow up!!


One thought on “Stories…. Stories…

    Sonja said:
    July 20, 2013 at 11:54 PM

    we’d like to hear the google/ twitter version too, please? 😀

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