A very weird first of a time feeling

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probably only moms would understand deeply is what I felt late today evening. Yuvan has this close knit friends who has been together from nursery days and during every June and December holiday break they would meet for a play date which would last at least for a minimum of 5 hrs, while we moms catch up over coffee and cake.

This time around it was too difficult to find a common time and so Z said ‘drop the kids at my place n let them have fun.’ I couldn’t keep up the promised time but Yuvan was happy once he met his friends among woo’s and wee’s. All was well until this point.

When I came home, I realized Eash would be home quite late and Yuvan is not expected to be home until 10pm. That’s when I realized how much these boys are my(in) life and felt so emotional though I completely understand the situation and agree that I should give their space and they are having fun, no doubt! A typical mom thing????

It was an emotion that engulfed me and made me think ‘These two boys will get busier and busier as they grow and will I be feeling this every other time??’

It’s not that I had never enjoyed the time when The Two boys were out playing cricket or whatever or when I had been out with the two boys at home ., Yes, I do! I love to read quietly and rest up, watch TV not so loud with my own choice etc.., whenever I get the me time – but still I missed them today evening a lot and I knew what these boys mean in my life !!

It’s a mom thing 🙂


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