The Beginning and the End

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E and me have always thought Yuvan has a good rhythm sense and we should nurture his talent as he also had interest in music. We found a teacher who especially taught kids and started his vocal music lessons in September 2012. His teacher also found he has a natural gift. He practiced earnestly and did his best too.. And we loved listening to him sing. It is such an amazing feeling.

Review from his teacher after first few lessons

Yuvan has a great sense of Shruthi .. I am amazed at his interest and Shruthi sense.. He is superb and beyond my expectation 2 months will be finishing lesson 1..Yuvan is mind blowing ..

Over the months, he has told me a few times about not wanting to go to music lessons, but I have convinced(pep talks) him to go as from the beginning the deal was he would learn music for us and pursue cricket for himself. But last night, he came to me as we were waiting for E to return from his overseas trip and we had the following conversation

Yuvan : Amma, I don’t want to go to music lesson…

Me: Why, is it because she asked you to by-heart all that she taught while you sing and you can’t look in to your music book? (I knew this as he was telling me about it earlier). Or is it anything with the teacher? Did she scold you? He kept quiet and started to tear.

Me: If that’s the case, then I don’t agree to it, cos will you do the same in terms of other subjects as well? It’s a bad attitude..

Yuvan: Not really, but she has told me a few times, you have gone down from what you used to be. Me: Ah.. then is it the reason? Don’t you think it’s a bad approach? Will you then do the same thing for everything, for example in school? Didn’t we agree about Cricket and Music coaching in different ways earlier?

Yuvan: Noo…. School is different. I like going to school. If my teacher says so, I will work harder to get my marks. But I don’t like music class. I like to sing because I love the song and so I can sing exactly the same way. I don’t like music class mainly because my ambition is not to become a singer. For Cricket, I want to go for the coaching lessons as it’s one of my ambitions. I may become a cricketer one day and I love it.

I kept quiet as I thought his feelings and thought process is straight forward and fair enough.

When E came home (at 2.15 am), as Y waited up for E and he was still upset. First thing E noticed was his face and the sad look and when asked, Yuvan simply said “Appa, I don’t like to go to music class….” E said, “It’s OK, you don’t have to go..”

I filled him in whatever Y had told me. E said, “Fair Enough! It’s we who have been forcing him to go to music lessons!” And that sums it all!

I was pondering for quite sometime about the way he thought about the whole thing and how he approached it. I felt happy in a way that he was able to process his thoughts sensibly. A

Also, I felt bad for him about the teacher having told him he has gone down a bit, as he always has been weighed upon his potential Vs interest, which is sad though he has the potential.

I hope he will remember the talk we had about his other avenues and interests, the way he should approach his academics and other interests.

But, I am very much happy that he came, opened up and spoke to me and E about his thoughts and his intention to quit music lessons. He kept to the word of E and myself being his best buddies. Way to go man! Love you for what you are!!

Update as on 4th June — after a bedtime conversation he has told me he will try and continue music lessons from July .. Let’s see… 🙂


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