Nostalgic about summer break

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Today is Yuvan’s second day into his summer break. Though he started it off last week technically enjoying his most favorite activity, evening outs, visiting exhibitions in the museum, time out at the airport, movie etc; the real holiday thing kicked in today.

He started remembering toys that were long forgotten and we dug them out from different storages. His outdoor basketball and football; the indoor basket ball with the hook, which he played for close to an hour and the very many remote control cars that needs n number of batteries and at least a few hours of charging.

Also kicked in was what makes a reentry, time and again during all school breaks and that is ‘Can I take shower later?’ When I told him, ‘Yuvan, please don’t start the shower story again. Your cut off time is 10.30!’, he replied, ‘Amma ,do you mean just before going to bed??’ My reaction – *Rolled eyes and a Grrrr*

This made me ponder over my summer breaks with my brother which had literally no place for ‘toys digging out’ as we were brought up with very limited toys! We always looked forward to buy the two sets of Lego and puzzles we were entitled to buy every summer break; lots of traditional indoor games; carrom time; visiting granny’s place; Yummy food; TV, books and afternoon naps!!

How different times are; nevertheless school breaks are so special in their own ways in whatever time we are in 🙂

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