Reassurances are purely inspirational !

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I have had the opportunity to attend the AFCC this year through work. Though I have been carefully choosing and attending the seminars that would help in my profession as this conference has been sponsored for me by my employers, there have been definite little rays of inspiration and reassurances all the way here and there strongly from a personal perspective!

The very first lot of seminars I attended were about different spectrum’s of blogging and it’s connect to the ever-changing social media.  It was more enjoyable  and made it more joyful as I blog too. The speaker asked ‘How many of you CAN’T put a book down once you pick it up and start reading it?’ Mine was not one of those hands that went up though I seriously love reading anywhere and everywhere. I come from a different school of thought. The next question was “‘How many of you CAN put down a book after  reading a few pages and deciding that it’s not what you like to read?” And Yes, I was the very first to put up my hands. The speaker said “Don’t worry, I am with you”. Yes, though am an avid reader, though I have a set of authors I like, though I can read any book that appeals to me,  I CAN put down any book after a few pages if it doesn’t appeal to me. That shows the passionate reader in me who wants to connect to my reading. Reading is passionate for me. And so is writing!

That was reassurance number 1 that it’s OK to do so 🙂

I have been blogging for 5 years now and I have taken blogging breaks purely unintentional because of a lot of reasons – no time to blog as I get too consumed with other things that happen around me and yes, I do have a life:) ; no inspiration to write etc;  And I am an instinctive blogger and not a scheduling blogger, so I do not have a schedule or structure for my blog. I have always thought my blog reflects me and it’s OK to change as I grow, as my interests change. Though I have been paranoid about my blogging breaks during my initial stages of blogging, I have learnt and come to accept and reason it to myself and I am content about my way of blogging.

And that was reassurance number 2. I was so much able to connect to the speaker’s (Stephanie Su) views about blogging and talking about whether it is essential to market your blog (where I differ from many current bloggers and their approach and off course no offence here as everyone has their own view and opinion about it), though the speaker was mainly a book blogger.

It was a great way to have started the week. That was an opportunity to tell myself “I am an instinctive blogger. I am blogging primarily because I love writing.I do it from my heart!”

Something along the way has rekindled my deepest aspiration!  Having met and heard lot of them who are basically writers, my thought to become one has come alive again:), which may or may not work in the longer run, I may or may not become one! The closest I have come across giving a voice to my aspiration is once when I told E that I would like to work  a book!!

Though  many of closest friends and others who have read my blog have suggested me the idea, I have never really approached with bit more seriousness…. Hmmm may it’s time to give a thought??


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