Random acts of appreciation

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and kindness goes a long way in making someone’s day. And there are at least a few that happened to me over the last few weeks and I am thankful and grateful for that. The first two of them are here…

1. I knew Yuvan likes to read this(my) blog often. But I have never had an opportunity to capture his emotions like below previously. It made me feel so happy!! After all, when the hero of your blog reads and loves your blog, won’t you feel happy??

2. Last week, I had a crazy week at work though I enjoyed doing every bit of it. My Colleague P went to Delifrance (our favourite lunch place we frequent once in 10 days) without me to take away food and came back with something else too!!
When I opened the Delifrance pack and found this at about 7 pm…. It was a great feeling 🙂


There are other very impressive acts to write about too but that has to wait till next weekend though:)


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