Being connected !!

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But how much is the question!

Lately I have realized that being connected or being available to be connected is turning out to be so much of an issue mentally and it exhausts me too. And that also means I warrant to be affected mentally and emotionally with no fault of mine.

And the time spent scrolling up and down the smart phone and getting to know what is happening in others life and letting others know what’s happening in our life is nothing but stalking. Sometimes people try to connect to your posts and/or comments, which may not have been meant for them and vice versa. The funniest thing is when people react to the same thing, on social media in response, which drives me crazy!!

Do I need to go through this after all? And where does all this stand in my priority queue?

Finally I did ask myself, ‘Is this smart phone saga combined with social networking taking its toll on me?’ The answer, ‘Recently, Yes!!’

Does that mean I dislike using smart phone? Absolutely not!! It now boils down for me to use The Smart Phone, very smartly! E.g I am writing this post using my WordPress mobile app!!, which helps me as writing is my passion! I need apps like taxi booking and street directory as well.. I like to read news from around the world, our region and India! So after all it’s not bad!, though at times I reminisce about having a mobile phone through which I can JUST send/receive texts and calls.

Being disconnected and detached needs practice!! I know it’s a timely realization and better late than never to get grips on my gadgety digital life, though I have always tried not to share personal albums, not many check-ins etc. I know am not addicted but definitely need some channelizing, to be happy!

The most important thing that I always tell myself is, ‘If anything or anyone disrupts my priorities i.e my family and my life, it requires to be re-prioritised or limited.’ After all it’s my life which revolves around the two boys in my life and my family:)

In this case, have I re-prioritized? Have I taken the first few steps towards getting a grip? Yes, I have taken the baby steps… What did I do today?

1. Deleted Facebook mobile app
2. Decided will use the web version once a day. (I almost achieved it today but used it thrice.. But I can feel an amazing difference in myself .. A sense of peace…)
3. Will work towards using it once a week (let me achieve once a day first !! )
4.Turned off all notifications including banner pop ups except for the very essential ones that includes just my messages, calls and ichangi (with Eash’s frequent travels this app goes to my essential list) and offcourse taxi booking.
5. Reorganized/deleted apps that I don’t want to use or have not been using at all.
6. My Facebook friends spring cleaning will continue but more often!

Do I think it’s a big change? Do I feel good? A definite yes for a first day trial and I feel at peace..and will be a big step towards getting to grips plus something that would save me from all the exhaustion and emotional trauma…

Let me see how I can fare through the weekend!! 🙂 I shall survive without  self-controlled access all this!!


2 thoughts on “Being connected !!

    Devi Ravindran said:
    May 5, 2013 at 11:31 AM

    Wonderful post, loved reading it. Sometime, i feel technology is a boon and a curse. Everything depends on how we use it correctly. I really like the way you are trying to correct yourself(others too). Hope you achieve it soon.

    Suhanya responded:
    May 5, 2013 at 12:01 PM

    Hi hi Thanks for the inspiration!! Yes, it’s better late than never!!

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