A Saturday morning at T3 !

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For many of you who are aware of Singapore’s airports, you would by now  have said Terminal 3! Yes, we were at terminal 3 this morning to see E off for yet another official trip.. Over the last year or so, we have fallen in love with T3 completely though we had known and felt T3 earlier. Termed as the biggest of the three terminals, I should say it is one of the beautiful as well! – with all its natural lighting design – thanks to the reflectors, little water fountains, the classy touch, overall everything is beautiful.


The options to chill out and shop are very many too.. We always get our caffeine fix at the Coffee Bean – a nice open set up which makes it very comfortable. Yuvan loves to watch the baggage belt which can be seen from the departure hall. He loves his Ice-blend double chocolate from coffee bean. He likes to hop diagonally and across all over the black and ivory floor tiles!!


It gives a nice feeling to see him enjoying it though I know he would be moody later throughout the day, as on every first fay of E’s trips. I love the place too.


The other thing he loves to do in all terminals is — Give feedback as many times possible for the washrooms in the airport. He did that today too…:P




He was so engrossed that he didn’t even realize  the first time I captured him on my phone, looking out at the concrete beauty after his feedback session!


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