Signs but with shock, surprise and guilt !

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Last Friday, I was home and was about to go and get ready to pick Y from his school. It was 12.25 pm and the door bell rang. As I opened the door, guess who stood outside? YUVAN!

The story was ..,apparently, it was an early dismissal day and I just cant believe that I had forgotten about it… May be because of the many things that were going on in my mind was a reason!! But I have never forgotten about things like this.. And I shouldn’t have in the first place!! (*slap* *slap*)

They were dismissed at 11.45 am and he had waited with his friend who also walks back to his home with my helper until 12.15 pm for my helper to turn up to pick him. He had then asked his friend to take care of his bag and gone to the general office to ring me. But from a distance he had seen them closing the door. (I am not sure why he didn’t go ahead and tell them and request to make a call ….) So he returned back and made the DECISION to walk home with his friend. And he did so, crossing two traffic signals – a good 5 minute walk!!!

When I saw him right in front of the door, as I opened the door, I should confess I had mixed feelings — guilt, proud and happy that he walked back home alone (I have always sensed that he is ready for that – but the mom in me is not ready yet!), utter shock and an unexplained fear!!!

Positives to take forward

1. He has done the right thing in a tricky situation.
2. Happy that he managed it well.
3. Showing signs that he is independent enough.
4. He has done his observation correctly.
5. I believe he followed the traffic rules.
6. One more pep talk about safety, strangers and security.(DONE)

Negatives to look back

1. As a mom I can’t let this happen again that too because of my negligence or for whatever reason it happened.
2. Revisiting priority check required. (Done!)
3. I can’t do this guilt trip again!

Love you Yuvan for what you are and do remember what we spoke after this!


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