When kids do the motherly act

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it’s such an amazing feeling! If you have experienced that, probably you would know what I am talking about!

I have experienced it a little here and there but yesterday was the highlight and I am still raving about it to myself and feeling great about the thought itself!

Yesterday, I was down with a severe back pain to the extent that I felt I had to visit the doctor rather than my remedy of balms.. Yuvan insisted that he needs to take care of me and he will accompany me to the doctor’s. But, finally going back to balm therapy is another story altogether.

I dozed off after that and when I woke up, he was sitting next to me and doing his work. And the first question he asked was, was I feeling any better?

He then told me ‘I know, you need strength to fight this off’. He went and got me dinner in a small bowl with the help of my helper and insisted I eat and fed me too.. Awww .. I am moved!! What else can I say? Love You Yuvan!!

The icing on the cake was when he asked me whether I have my laptop bag to bring to office the next day. I was puzzled and I said ‘No, just my hand bag!’ Guess what? He said ‘Tomo when we go to school, I shall carry your bag too so that you can get some rest and feel better!!’

Yuvan, I felt a lot better after your acts of kindness and knowing that you care for me makes me feel sooo sooo good!!

Touch wood! Touch wood!

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