Work Hard! Play hard!

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Well.. this seems to be the mantra at home for the little one.. which is something I would like to learn from him!! After all his PA’s and the reaching the goal set for him in consultation with him, Friday was an e-learning day. But the teacher had told the kids that if they are keen they can do it on Thursday itself. And knowing Yuvan, he was bugging me that he wanted to finish it on thursday evening. I was like “Tomo is holiday rt?”. But he won and he finished it.. and the minute he finished it, he went to MODE RELAX! Everything seems to work so slow and relaxed in this mode.

Example :- Getting ready for swim lesson  takes 15 minutes compared to 5 minutes , getting a book from the bookshelf before we set off takes a FULL 5 minutes, all seems to work in SUPER SLOW Motion!!!

He asked for the two angry bird figurines and though mummy was angry to buy those, the boy in RELAX MODE seemed to adore the same. After the swim lessons , he wanted to play in the water slides for more than 30 minutes and he was happy and enjoyed himself with a friend he made at the pool that day…




A contented dinner at Pastamania followed by iPad formula one before hitting the bed was what followed later!!



Kids these days know how to relax.. Don’t they? A lesson to learn!!!

Let the holidays begin!!!


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