A contented smile

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was my expression, when Yuvan called me during recess today from his school pay phone!

As it’s our practice for him to seek permission before he buys anything from the bookshop, he had done so last week to buy a wooden ruler that would potentially ‘deplete’ his savings by 25 cents. I had said Yes after contemplation (or pretended so… )

He didn’t buy yesterday or Friday and I had completely forgotten about it. Today he called me during recess and here goes the conversation:

Yuvan: Maa, it’s me.. Do you remember our conversation about the wooden ruler?

Me: Yes

Yuvan: Can I buy today?

Me: hmmm.. Ok šŸ™‚

I just felt so contented that he had that feeling to ask me again though I had given him permission last week.

I believe he decided to ask again since he didn’t buy the very next day after he was granted permission!! I think he just wanted to be sure, may be ..

Aww.. I love you Yuvan!! Would you be the same Yuvan forever? I really hope so!

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