Can you hide an elephant?

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Today we had a very early start to the day by my Saturday standards as both me and Yuvan were up together by 7 am. While Yuvan read his Beast Quest for pleasure and followed up with some Maths models, I had a look at after a really long time!

There was a free eBook download which was aimed at younger children than Yuvan. But I still downloaded it to the ‘ifamily’. And Yuvan wanted to read it immediately during his ‘break’ between models. It looked very attractive though.

As he was reading I was so engrossed in something else only to be startled by his huge laughter. I gave him the puzzled look and smiled at him and he insisted to re-read it again and he once again laughed his heart out.

The book the he really enjoyed was ‘Borre – Hides an elephant’ by Jeroen Aalbers and illustrated by Stefan Aijs.

Collage 1

I read it a while back while he was away practicing Cricket, I realized that though he has kind of outgrown these kind of books and long ago moved on to chapter books, he still enjoys reading them on and off.

I love this ‘child’ in him!

The book ‘Borre – Hides an elephant’ is such a creative book that I admired it soo much and I can understand why Yuvan was laughing and I can imagine how much he would have enjoyed this book.

The book is all about a hide and seek game between a mouse and an elephant combined with Borre’s awesome creativity using his painting skills.

Borre Collage 2

The illustrations complement so much that it makes it a such a joy to read. I loved it too!

Borre Collage 3

Even if you have older kids download it and read it. I know Borre is a series and if you have younger kids try reading them all!


2 thoughts on “Can you hide an elephant?

    Venkat said:
    February 23, 2013 at 1:29 PM

    Nice 🙂

    shardasrk said:
    February 25, 2013 at 9:08 PM


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