Be happy with little things

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Last night, during one of our ‘before dozing off’ conversations, Yuvan and myself had the conversation as below..

Yuvan: Amma, you know what? Mdm H (his P2 form teacher) taught us something amazing that Ms L ( his P1 form teacher) had not taught us..

Me: ( I was more curious ‘Cos his P1 teacher had been amazing and taught the kids soo many things..)

Oh! Wow! What is that?

Yuvan: she taught us how to increase and decrease font size in a word document .. Isn’t it amazing ???

Me: Yes Yuvan!! (Rolled eyes)

But I realized that there are a lot of things kids teach us in life everyday. For example in this conversation, smiling at little things that make you happy and taking pleasure in little happiness’ are a few simple things that we adults often forget.

Thanks Yuvan for reminding me about it!! Love you Yuvan!


One thought on “Be happy with little things

    Jasmine - Scissors Paper Stone blog said:
    February 20, 2013 at 9:38 AM

    I love seeing the world through their eyes. Often they notice the things that we take for granted. A good reminder. Thanks for sharing.

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