Never underestimate kids

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is what I learned over the last week ..

As a practice, Yuvan has to ask permission from me before he spends a part of his pocket-money in either book shop or to buy from the cafeteria, as he packs food and drink from home. And touch wood he has been asking permission so far as he is more keen to fill up his piggy bank and the occasions he wanted to spend could be counted.

Last week, he asked me two days in a row whether he could buy the origami paper from the bookshop which will cost him 70 cents.. I said ‘Ok’ the second day but told him he can’t keep buying.. He said ‘yes’ and I told myself,  ‘hmm .. It’s going to lie down unused..’

But the next day, which was a Saturday, guess what I saw him doing? First he wanted to use the iPad and then he brought out his pack of origami papers, googled for ‘How to make Origami models’…I was shocked and surprised!


And yes, he did make a lot of planes, was trying to attempt the dog and crab I had made a few months ago, and he was still looking for simple origami paper-folding models even after 1 hr into it, which really surprised me. I also has a guilt feeling about under estimating him!:(

The enthusiasm soon spread to the Dad and he recollected a plane model that he had done during his school days and they both made it successfully !!


So I told myself “Never underestimate anyone, and definitely not the KIDS!


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