A weekend

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over which we did a combination of stuffs which made me to ponder, realise and off course I was surprised over a few happenings..

Talking about food, I am a foodie and next to Indian, I love Thai food and very closely comes Mexican… and as a family we love it too… Saturday Lunch was at Margarita’s and after our favourite quesadillas we wanted to try their most reviewed Kitchen Sink Burritto. Default version has beef in it but we opted out and asked them to make a Chicken Kitchen Sink.


As the name suggests, everything is thrown in to the Burritto including Mexican rice, chicken and the black bean – we loved it but we would have liked it better without the bean… Yuvan loves Mexican next to Indian better than Thai 🙂

As we were waiting to pay the bill and head to ECP to meet a few friends for the evening along the beach,Yuvan wore his creative cap and he became the interviewer using the sauce bottle as the wireless microphone and my helper turning out to be his interviewee… Look at those smiles… Well… I am impressed!

Interview Time

He had one of the great evenings along the beach with his good buddies, kicking the ball on the grass and some sand fun with his buddies, water fun with his best buddy R, hide and seek, splashing water on every one of us with his water gun and what not…

What I realized is he still loves outdoors and he cherishes the friends of his age group:) and off course he loves Parotta and Singapore’s very own Milo Dinosaur, which he and R planned to share even before me and R’s mum opened our mouth to say “No Chilled drinks please..” 🙂

Footbball time

Water Fun

Sand Fun

And what Dad and Son loves to do … Photograph 🙂 and Yuvan obliges…

Eash n Yuv

And after all, still trying to stay connected and cherish the roots – A simple Thai Poosam at home 🙂

Thai Poosam


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