Inquisitive learning

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is the way many kids learn and if you notice carefully, you will be surprised at the number of questions they ask about everyday things and everything they see around, may it be during a grocery shopping trip or a quick walk around the neighborhood to grab something or during an actual learning session itself ..

I always get bowled over by questions Yuvan does ask about a lot of things while running errands with me..

Two days ago, we decided to go for a quick grocery shopping late in the evening and these are the two questions that he asked me and through answering them with the help of our very own Google and iPhone, I realized a lot.. And the questions were ..

1. What is touting?

2. How does puddle form? ( we were walking to the grocery store just after a nice rainy day..)

I did manage to use the opportunity to educate him; learn for myself notes about the topics that were in question; but most of all was really amazed by the inquisitive minds of kids these days and the amount of information they can grasp; their awesome quality to ponder over many stuffs which I believe are the root cause for all these inquisitiveness !!


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