Questions… Questions….I am spell bound

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with some of the questions Yuvan asked me yesterday and I have told him that we will discuss this again today or tomorrow.. It is just that am buying time to give a more logical answer to every one of his questions. Here is the conversation he had yesterday with me, if you have any answers, if you been at it before, all the responses would be welcome before I discuss it again with him…

Yuvan : Does God control our body?

Me: No really, he has given you a brain and you have to control using your thought process which is the basis for everything.

Yuvan: If God created all of us, then how can we control it? How everything in the body is controlled by the brain?

Me: hmmmm.. we have to discuss this in detail, before that can you try reading the book we bought about human body? If you read, you will know the basics of the human body and how everything is connected to the brain. And then, we can discuss about God, creation and everything, once you get to know about the Human Body.

Yuvan: Ok, then.. I will read up… Then, How are babies born? How are they made?

Me: “Yuvan, I said all of it tomorrow and over the weekend in detail…”

Yuvan: Ok, Good Night!


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    I Know Less Today Than Yesterday | Jonathan Hilton said:
    January 5, 2013 at 7:56 AM

    […] Questions… Questions….I am spell bound […]

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