Primary One – Reflections!!

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I can’t believe a year has gone by and tomorrow morning, when I drop him off at the school gate, Yuvan will be stepping in to P2.

P1 was very anxious basically for me as a mother and lot of thought went through before choosing a Singapore School compared to any other which we had an option to go to..  When Dominique Goh hosted me at her blog, I wrote about how we decided on his school and other things as I looked through myself as a mom.. But I think I have done the right thing for Yuvan…

He did start school after a week ‘cos of suspected HFMD – but he coped well and he was quite independent and accustomed well to the changes. He has consistently done well in the academics and other areas. He has been vocal and very social and he has been able to manage well in a BIG environment, academically and socially well…

I did do some preparation right from K2 knowing what is expected of kids in P1 – reading being the main focus with strong basics in Math and English which the pre-schools he attended catered to.. He was fortunate enough to have good teachers so far, may it be in the partial Montessori set up or his Kindergarten years… Again, he had a great teacher in his P1 and I will know tomorrow whether she will continue to be his P2 teacher as well according to the school policy of same form teacher for two years. And Off-course the home support system has helped and I am really glad that God has been with me n Eash to provide him whatever he needed and I hope to do the same with God’s blessings this year too..And that has made me more a believer that everything happens for a reason… I am absolutely happy that it did happen for good reasons for Yuvan…

So am I happy? Yes, I am absolutely happy about the year that went by in his Primary One and we are looking forward to P2 and the challenge is to be able to sustain!!! I was so surprised to read the little notes that his friends had scribbled for him on the last day of P1 in 2012… It feels great to know that your son is loved by many….

A big pat on his back and a bear hug!! Overall I am happy with what he has grown up to be and I hope he keeps it up!! Well Done Yuvan and All the Best!! Wish us luck!! Love you Yuvan! We shall continue to strive….

Some snapshots through his P1…..

yuvan p1-3

Yuvan p1-4

Yuvan -P1- Friends


Yuvan P1-7

Yuvan P1-2

photo (1)-cropphoto (2)-crop


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