Little snippets from our Little Man!!!

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Yuvan will turn 7 in another 10 days…Time flies… But I am gonna reserve my post on my feelings and all about Yuvan for another day… But this soon to be seven year old doesn’t fail to amaze/surprise me often… I am gonna record a few of that had happened recently…..


While we were waiting for the cab…

Yuvan: Amma, Guess what? Long time ago I thought when the cab shows a display “On call”, I used to think the driver is on call in his hand phone and so he cannot pick us up…” ( me – Eyes rolled and ROFL)


Eashwar was playing darts at home and usually Yuvan calls the number and Dad tries to hit them… They were eyeing for bull in 5 darts.. Eash couldn’t (for a change) but continued with 6th and asked him “Yuvan, Why do you think even after failing in the 5th dart, appa is continuing?”

Yuvan: Perseverance

Reaction from mom and dad *Spell Bound*


During one of the regular mom and son talks at home

Me: Yuvan, Do you think you miss amma after I started working?

Yuvan: Yes, Off course… I love you…

Me: What is the one thing you miss most?

Yuvan: Picking me up from school…

Me: But Mummy drops you in the morning everyday, right?

Yuvan: Yes, I like that but it will be nice if you could pick me up too…

(Me:- hmmmm….explanations… hugs…)


2 thoughts on “Little snippets from our Little Man!!!

    shardasrk said:
    November 19, 2012 at 5:27 PM

    tats a cute one..

    Sonja said:
    November 22, 2012 at 6:36 PM


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