Oh Boy! He is growing up!

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Oh Yes! The signs of my little boy growing up are loud and clear… For example, every time I see a letter addressed to him when I open the mail box my heart skips a beat.. Off course he didn’t subscribe for National Geographic Kids or so in his name…. It was me who did it under his name.. But still…Oh Boy! He is growing up!

The conversations he has with us on a day-to-day basis on various topics just bowls me out…The way he understands issues, or for that matter other simple things just surprises me (or rather gives me a shock…) Sample questions range from “What is economy?”, “Why can’t sharks do that… this..” to “What is an exchange rate?”.

There are also many a times, he gets lost into the world of books, when he starts to read, sitting (actually, relaxing I guess..:P) on the swing, his favourite Geronimo or Beast Quest or I don’t know how ‘many’ th time his Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, all signs tells me “Oh Boy! He is Growing Up!”

With all these happening all the time, as a  Mom, I am very proud of Yuvan (off-course I have stuff that I am not happy about with him.. that can follow in another post..) but I also know that this little boy of mine is fast growing up!

There are also questions like

  • “Are you Ok, Mom?”;
  • “Mom, do you think it’s not necessary and not worth it for this money?”, when I say ‘No’ to a toy or a silly book,
  • “Why are you all the time supporting other kids and asking me to adjust?, Don’t you love me more, amma?”

And few notable mentions like offering help at the grocery store in finding stuff from the shelves, carrying a few bags even without prompting, and not to forget the very many arguments of why and what…., I am cherishing every moment in his growing up!!!

And…. Yes! Oh Boy! He is growing Up!

PS: Does he look a bit dazed in the photo?  This photo was taken during the school break when he was recovering from a bad cough and fever:( But NGC Kids did cheer him up:)


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