A Friday Fix!!!

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Fridays have been fun days for us… It’s  been a practice for over an year or more that  Yuvan and myself at least go out for a McD dinner. It may range from play time outside  and dinner, or board games at home with a order-in dinner etc…

The week long break because of PSLE marking was not so great for us, as Yuvan fell sick with bad cough and fever and didn’t get to go to school on Friday, as I decided to let him stay home, get more rest and recover for the test week starting Monday…

So the million dollar question when I finished work yesterday was “Should we get our Friday fix?”  As he has recovered, I thought he needs a break and some fresh air and as well me..

Did some errands and we decided to go Ikea for some fun/shopping and wings fix!!!  He did have a good 45 minutes play time as I picked up some stuffs to make our Chillax corner at home more comfortable and bright.

photo (8)

Off we went to the restaurant and had our wings fix!!!

photo (3)photo (2)

And to my surprise I just paid 10 cents!!! Why? Used up the 10 dollar voucher they gave me after I shopped and Yuvan got a discounted meal ‘cos of the Ikea SmalesSmile I did have my favourite Almond Cake tooo…

That was definitely an all in one Friday Fix!!!


2 thoughts on “A Friday Fix!!!

    Dominique Goh said:
    October 20, 2012 at 11:18 AM

    Those chicken wings look yummy. Hope your boy gets well soon.

    Suhanya responded:
    October 20, 2012 at 5:11 PM

    Thanks Dominique:)

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