Battery operates toothbrush

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was gifted to him as his 6th Birthday present by his Montessori Teacher who later became our good family friend Michelle. Personally I have never had a thought of getting him something like this before.

After exactly 8 months, yesterday when I was releasing toys which had been stored – all thanks to the overwhelming birthday gifts he gets every time, I did remember that he was so excited when he opened the toothbrush very first time. So I decided its high time to use it and explore it.


So was he excited yesterday as well? Absolutely Yes and more, with brushing the teeth twice everyday being more a must routine to follow!!
Ok, What got him excited ?

  • The Colour – Orange
  • The very mechanism of circling motion when you switch the tooth-brush on.
  • The little cup to gargle which is how he has been gargling everyday, but with a different cup though.,


  • And now comes the best he liked – the one minute sand timer with orange sand which can to turned being still attached to the set-up.


Do you know which is the best feature I liked?? Off course the timer 🙂 I don’t have to utter the statement ‘Oh!!! Are you done so quickly?’ every other day !’

Thank You Michelle and Yuvan just loves this and he started using it from last night 🙂

One thought on “Battery operates toothbrush

    Suhani said:
    September 12, 2012 at 3:24 PM

    Wow Amazing Brush…
    i want for my 3 yr old son too… although he doesnot ready for brushing his teeth

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