Do you feel…

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contented when you drop kids off at school or any other class? I do, to a great deal and ever since Yuvan started Primary One this year, it has been a must for me.

The feeling I get after I see him off at the school gate is something satisfactory and I feel contented. He walks in through the main gate looking out for me to wave a goodbye from inside the school grounds and this is the icing on the cake.

I have told myself, every single school day I shall see him off at the school gates. But have I sent him my helper ever? Yes, I have when I am kinda sick. But the guilt feel is much more than everyone might think. So I am trying not to do it all as it is very much in my control to walk him to school.

I still remember the emotional rush that I went through the first day I had to see him off at the school gate when he started Primary school !!

Not to mention, I love the way he tells me about anything and everything as we walk to school. I love the scenes of kids greeting each other while they see each other in the vicinity of the school and someone calling out ‘ Hey Yuvan … Am here can you wait for me ??’

So today is one of those content days and I am Happy !


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