A new found (accidental) interest….GARDENING(potted)!!!

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Yes, its accidental and if you are wondering what it is.. It’s gardening..

E wanted to have plants at home for a very longtime and it even increased ever since we bought our own place in Singapore, that’s way back in end – 2008. But he has been waiting for a green signal from me, as I kind of had no interest in it and as usual the mother’s worries of too much watering which may lead to flies and mosquitoes and what not…

I finally relented a month ago, when the two boys at home, that is my hubby and my 6 year old starting looking at other options like a pup, hamster etc which made me to take the quick decision of having plants.. LOL…

Our first trip was to Far East Flora in the Upper Thomson Road where we bought our stands as well.. And dear hubby wanted all flowery plants… But unfortunately, all my plants slowly died.. which may have been due to extensive watering… Up until this point, I was not hugely interested… But as I saw the plants dying, I took interest and found out from my gardening expert neighbour, many plants need just water spraying… But it was already too late…

Then I found good nursery near Kovan which is more accessible for me and So I bought just two plants but not the flowery ones and which I thought should last long and easy maintenance.. And yes it is… When I cabbed back home, I was so lucky to be in the cab with a cabbie who seemed to be an avid gardener and he gave me lots of tips which got me interested…

And today, I went and bought few more plants today and learnt to transfer plants from one pot to another/replant them in different pots etc. from my neighbour… Also, got some seeds from India from this India trip from my brother and Mom who are avid gardeners as well…Yuvan and myself planted the seeds.. now its waiting time for germination.. Yuvan is so involved in gardening. He was so involved and watered my mom’s garden every single day we were at mom’s place 🙂

I find this new interest definitely very good.. feels light… a welcome diversion 🙂

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