Circuit De Yuvan

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Most of our friends knew that Yuvan is crazy about Formula One and motor sports … He follows it with his Dad and one day wants to be an F1 driver!! ( but I know it has to start early and basically I have to think to let him explore and experience go-karting first and it’s an expensive stuff even to hobby). His knowledge and memory on these and most of the things make me flabbergasted as he can tell us which year which race was won by which race driver atleast for the last 3 yrs, ever dice he has been following it… Everytime he utters a name and year and talks about the incidents that happenned during that race, we had to go online and Gosh! every single time he has done this he has been absolutely right ! Touch wood!

So a few months back he wanted to buy the Zenga wooden blocks… I bought it after much hesitation. And guess what he is up to with it? Building different structures using those wooden blocks and his imagination. Boy … Kids these days can create anything from everything!!!

And his latest is a F1 circuit with 12 turns and his Dad aptly named it as Circuit De Yuvan..




One thought on “Circuit De Yuvan

    Nive said:
    May 25, 2012 at 1:00 PM

    That’s amazing…I would definitely learn something abt F1 for sure when Yuvan participates in it ……you are growing a prodigy as ur son 🙂

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